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Four Perth friends Jake, Graydon, Liam & Steve are weeks away from the ultimate challenge, running an ultra-marathon to raise money for men’s mental health.

These men runners tackle a 6.71k loop on the hour, every hour until the last person standing.

Everyone that times out on a loop or fails to continue on, is a dnf. 24 hours of 6.71k = 100 miles.

But, for those that look a little deeper into this, this event is more about a challenge for yourself.

How far can you push yourself to run? How many 6.71k loops can you complete before you ring the bell and resign? 6.71k within the hour is quite achievable for most. But how many times can you go back out there and do it again and again? Can you push through the night, the day, the next night and maybe even the next day too?

Birdys Frontyard is the ultimate endurance test of the mind, body and soul, all within the most incredible festive environment an ultra marathon could ever have.

Money raised for mens talk charity: $15,000+ Dollars
Graydon, Jake, and Steve talk on FKR Podcast all things mental health, emotional struggles, vulnerability and relate it back to everything they learnt from their life experience & lesson from the 100km+ Ultra marathon for Mens Talk.
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