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At The Empowered Project, we are an extremely passionate team with unwavering commitment to inspire, educate & empower 1,000,000+ people globally.

Our mission starts with YOU! We are dedicated to helping the individuals that exist in your businesses, organisations & workplace become their VERY BEST.

We offer a range of impactful solutions. Our workshops, coaching programs, and workplace partnerships are designed to inspire positive transformation. With years of experience and a deep understanding of personal and professional growth,

We aim to be your trusted partner on your journey to success.
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Our mission starts with your HAPPINESS

Meet The Team

Jake Ward

Age: 31, 2023

Growing up with divorced parents and being exposed to domestic violence from a young age, I yearned for a sense of internal safety and protection after enduring an upbringing that felt uncertain.

My childhood trauma, stemming from bullying, body dysmorphia, and the emotional turmoil of not fitting in or feeling good enough, haunted my early teenage years. I transitioned from being labelled a nerd & target of bullies to a teenager filled with internal rage and aggression, all driven by an intense desire to establish love & security within myself and my life.

At the age of 15, I embarked on a transformative journey by immersing myself in martial arts such as muay-thai kick-boxing, boxing, BJJ, Zendokai and more...

Training Qualifications

NLP Master Practitioner
CBT/Human Behaviour Coach
Mental Health First Aider
Motivational Speaker


Overcome mental health battles
Quit FIFO & Become Entrepreneur
Opened 5x Business
Generated over 7 figures in Business
15 year of martials & Muay-thai kickboxing
Black Belt in Zendokai FMA
Ultra marathon Runner & Resilience enthusiast
Helped people overcome anxiety, depression, trauma & transformed their lives
Impacted 100’s of lives & Raised over $25,000+ for charity

Graydon Perrett

Age 26, 2023

Growing up in an environment filled with adversity, including bullying and isolation during my younger years, I faced profound challenges that ultimately shaped my journey. While I once found myself on the wrong side of bullying in my later school years, I yearned for the self-love and acceptance that had always eluded me.

Life presented its share of trials, from my parents' divorce to the feeling of not quite fitting into society's narrow expectations. Moreover, I watched my mother courageously battle a rare liver disease for over 15 years, almost losing her in the process.

These formidable trials led me to a point where I felt a deep sense of emptiness and self-doubt. I embarked on a journey, searching for the acceptance and self-love...

Training Qualifications

NLP Practitioner
Mental Health First Aider
Motivational Speaker
Life Coaching


Overcome mental health battles
Quit mechanics to embark on the entrepreneur path
Started 4x businesses
Generated over 6 figures in Business
Travelled the world
Quick smoking two pack a day to cold turkey
Ultra marathon Runner & Resilience enthusiast
Helped 100's of people overcome suicidal intentions
Impacted 100’s of lives & Raised over $25,000+ for charity

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